Night Time Close Target Recce

The purpose of a night close target recce (CTR)
is to obtain a progressive amount of information in a search for
vulnerabilities/information during the cover of night (a similar
practise should have occurred during the daylight hours previously) its
purpose is only considered if the daylight recce has been unfruitful or
impractical due to security awareness in the area and may take several
visits over several weeks to accomplish.

Things to look for include:

  • Places to get a good vantage point/Op
  • Vehicles in the area, are they locals are they new, is it security patrol?
  • All exits from the target building/area especially if they are accessible by foot (to avoid being stumbled upon)
  • Where the target/security normally parks the car
  • Local threats of compromise, police actions, local dogs, neighbours, lighting, cctv
  • Logical routes in and out of the building/area
  • cover that you can use

things to look for may also be in the nature of security they have,
fences, locks, gate procedure (Does security lock it if going for a
walk around?) places to stash equipment etc.


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